Where did July go? Wow, it's incredible how fast time passes as one ages. It's a cruel joke that Mother Nature plays on all of us. As an eighteen year old with no money and no life experience, time is like cold molasses pouring from a jar. All the old silver haired Captains that I used to fly with as a young co-pilot are long gone; many have flown west for the final checkride. Yes, I remember well their sage advice about many things. Uh oh! Now, years later, I am that silver haired Captain. Incredible!

I am on day two of a four day. We arrived this morning into Orlando at sunrise after flying all night. We left Phoenix and flew over to southern California, then to Las Vegas, and finally on to Florida. This morning, over the southern U.S., we watched Orion the Hunter rise. It is my favorite constellation of the night sky. It also signals the coming of winter, a much sought after season for Arizonians. August is the hottest month in Phoenix. It is a month when the sunlight feels heavy on your body. As if it actually presses you toward the ground with hot hands.

Well, it's time to saddle up for the night's flying. We are scheduled for Las Vegas and Oakland. There is a lot of storm activity over Florida this evening. It will be a busy departure tonight....

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