At 35,000 feet looking through two inch thick plexiglass at the setting sun I am thinking about many things. I have 150 happy campers behind me on their way to sin city (they will be less so on the way home minus their cash...). My co-pilot is a young kid (Herc pilot) right out of the Air Force. He is sharp and trying hard. Was I ever that young? The flight attendants are happy to be here; the male has his girlfriend along, so he is very happy. Uh oh, my mind is taking a different route. Happiness; a concept that is nefarious. Hence my tripod theory(I think I heard this from a preacher, but I like to give myself credit...)The tripod of life goes like this: Three legs of equal length and they are physical health, mental health, and spiritual health. Self explanatory.... Whoa! Back to the cockpit. Fuel flow is right on target at 5300 pounds per hour. Las Vegas is 1000 miles ahead and the sun has just slipped out of view. Life is good at this moment in time and space.

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