Position: Seven miles above The Black Rock Desert
Groundspeed: 570 mph (496 kts)
Souls on Board: 156

Every seat is full plus one hitchhiking 757 pilot going to work. The end of a four day trip is in sight... My policy, though, is not to day dream about it. If I start counting on it, number two engine will say, "Bye- bye" and we will be looking for a place to land, i.e., "Honey, guess what happened?" No, it is best to think only ten minutes ahead. Let the end of the trip approach with the normal ebb and flow of time. Do not try to force it...

Outside, the wind is coming from the west at 92 mph (80 kts) giving us a quartering tailwind. The air mass is smooth and the sky above is a cold blue. Below us, the coyotes that live in the Great Basin are enjoying a beautiful day. They better enjoy it, because the heat is coming soon.

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