We watched the sun set enroute to Seattle... That was many hours and thousands of miles ago. Now, we are in the deepest, darkest part of the night; the part where circadian rhythm begins to work on the brain, telling you it is OK to fall asleep; after all, that is what night is all about, right? The moon is rising in the east; it looks like one-half of an orange. Really cool!

The co-pilot is a commuter (he lives in a city other than his assigned base and must commute to work... About 1/2 of all airline pilots practice commuting) which means he did not get good rest yesterday afternoon. Now he is paying the price as he struggles to stay awake. I am staring out my side window at the heavenly blanket of stars over the aircraft. The left navigation light looks like a red comet every time the strobe flashes. How cool would it be to ride on the back of the beast, leaning against the leading edge of the vertical tail fin? What a visual overload that would be, especially tonight. That thought leads my mind to the goblin riding the wing of the aircraft in the movie Twilight Zone. Yikes! Maybe I should turn on the wing ice light and take a look...

Obviously, I need more coffee. Behind me are 150 passengers, all trying to sleep; and three flight attendants trying not to... Philly is still 1,000 miles east. We will get to watch the sun rise before we arrive.

Position: Underneath Cygnus
Altitude: 35,000 feet
Groundspeed: 560 m.p.h.
Magnetic course: 102 degrees

1/21/2013 20:50:45

Nice to see you back, Capt. Dave - IF it is you. The writing voice has a different tone and I'm not sure. You might consider posting a quick note about the change in blog carriers, if you are the same blogger. Nice posts, but they just don't seem to be the real you. Truth will be told as a cruise though a few archived items. And heck yes, readers can easily understand a host change, especially when a popular blog generates more traffic than they want and the author won't allow much advertising. Hold those standards, -C.

2/3/2013 06:03:59

I've never commented Captain, but have read your blog for years. I'm happy to have found you again. Here's to clear skies and thank you for the great writing.

2/12/2013 04:45:21

I am so glad you're back. I never kept a copy of your old blogsite, I was reading it all the way to the beginning until it was shut down. Now I start this one. I would be happy if you try to post all your older stories into one file and (even publish it on an e-book) upload it in a file sharing server.

Good to have your stories back.. I always think "where was I back then" when I read the date of your story.

Flaps to 20 degrees, gear down

4/1/2013 23:53:23

Captain Dave-where are you? Somebody has taken your blog name. We should thank the imposter- they are showing us all just how difficult good blog writing can be and how good the real captain Dave was. Come back captain Dave!

8/10/2013 11:55:06

lousy imposter.

Ralph Compton
3/9/2016 14:22:06

bring memories of the many black nights I have flown to different places and different weather. Leaving remote northern New Mexico for Scottsbluff on a night so dark that I was on the gauges until near Denver. Trying to stay awake and the passengers unaware of how tired I was. Seems that emergency flights are always in the the wee hours of the morning. Seeing the faint light in the east while over the Pacific near Tahiti.


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